Allround Creative


Developing a new brand, product or campaign to me, is one of the most refreshing and rewarding experiences in the business. The creative clash of wild ideas, clear cut goals and expertise from all the involved parties makes for a very organic and inspiring part of the process. As a free thinker, designer and digital native, my focus tends towards the visual impact and intuitive user experience.


I have always loved to create environments for others to experience. Being games, apps, print or animations, it’s always a pleasure to see people being immersed in a design. With a solid background in game art, UI design and 2D/3D animation I have grown to be a versatile designer for pretty much any type of digital production.


In most projects my role has been all-round and from concept to release. Especially as a producer during the rise of mobile gaming I have learned a thing or two about creating a product from start to finish. Although my speciality is in visual design and user experience, I have been extensively involved in the management and marketing of projects as well.